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According to the individual needs of customers in different industries, we can customize integrated engineering solutions such as granule filling production line, liquid filling production line and powder filling production line. Our integrated engineering solutions cover packaging used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. According to the individual needs of customers, XTIME can provide the following professional services:

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Pre-sales Technical Support 
Arrange professional business managers and designers to introduce the equipment standard process and the reasonable plan for approval to the users, introduce the product characteristics and general situation of our factory, choose the appropriate products for the users and provide reference opinions;

Arrange technical personnel and business personnel from both parties to conduct in-depth technical communication, and initially discuss the list of equipment procurement;

According to the demand plan provided by the customer, combined with the attributes and materials of the customer's product, and according to the standard process, design an economical and practical equipment floor plan. After repeated discussions, the two parties finally come up with a modified design that meets the customer's requirements Program;

Provide packaging solution cases for customers' reference in selection and design. At the same time, carry out technical exchanges according to the relevant materials of the packaging case;

 Customers can be organized to visit the factory. And provide the performance, features, scheme design drawings and various parameters of the product in real time during the whole on-site inspection process, so that your company can purchase products with advanced technology, reasonable price and reliable performance;

Provide customers with documents related to the logistics management system and quality control system, which cover the requirements and standards of planning, implementation, monitoring, correction and improvement activities in the whole process of design, development, production, inspection, sales and delivery, and continuously Meet customer needs and expectations, win customer trust, and improve customer satisfaction.
On sale service

The company arranges an engineer with rich experience in project management as the project leader, who is fully responsible for project management and liaison work;

During the design process of the equipment, actively listen to the requirements of real-time feedback from customers, and optimize the processing according to the technical feasibility;

During the manufacturing process of the equipment, we fully cooperate with the arrangement of drawing review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance and other stages of work, so that all work before product shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner;

The initial acceptance of equipment can be carried out at the supplier's factory or the buyer's factory. If the acceptance is carried out at the supplier's factory, the demander shall complete the acceptance within 7 working days after receiving the supplier's acceptance video material. If the acceptance is carried out at the buyer's factory, the items of both the supplier and the buyer should be unpacked and checked within 7 working days after the equipment arrives. The acceptance report should also be completed simultaneously.

Reliable quality, thoughtful service, 24-hour online response

We solemnly promise: life-long responsibility to have taste maintenance. If the product in the use of fault, in the telephone, fax and E-mail and other means can not be resolved, XTIME packaging will arrange professional and technical staff with customer in-depth consultation to reduce the loss of users to the minimum.

Quality after-sales service team
Remote training operation, one-on-one follow-up with professional maintenance personnel, and simultaneous provision of installation and debugging video tutorials or technical documents for customers;

The PLC system is guaranteed for one year. During the use of the equipment, our engineers will repair any faults and replace the damaged parts of the machine for free;

We have a long-term supply of spare parts, all electrical parts are from the world's leading brands, so you can easily buy and replace them when needed;

Regularly carry out technical upgrade services to provide professional technical updates and optimization suggestions for the equipment used by customers;

We know that even the slightest machine problem can affect your productivity. Therefore, we provide 24-hour online technical consulting services and do our best to ensure the fastest response to any customer's questions and requirements;

The appearance of the equipment and its internal structure details are connected and managed by special personnel. It is convenient and professional to assist customers to order spare parts remotely, ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of maintenance work;

Establish a service complaint system. Serving customers better and accepting customers' supervision is our ultimate goal. Resolutely put an end to the phenomenon that our personnel ask for remuneration in the process of equipment installation, commissioning and technical services;

In addition to customers' daily technical consulting services, we also regularly return to customers to track and collect equipment-related data. It includes the technical parameters of the equipment (equipment ledger, equipment manufacturer, equipment model, equipment serial number, bill of materials, etc.) processing, and track and verify the processing status. At the same time, establish user files to record product usage and provide a basis for product quality improvement. Ensure that the equipment is running well, stable and reliable, and relieve customers from worries.


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