Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L) 1
Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L) 2
Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L) 3
Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L) 1
Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L) 2
Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L) 3

Automatic 4 Nozzles Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine(For 1-4L)

Full-automatic gear pump filling machine liquid filling machine produced by XTIME is specially used for 4kg-30kg liquid filling. It can automatically complete a series of operations such as bottle feeding, gear pump quantitative filling and bottle discharging. Especially suitable for SL and edible oil lubrication, it is an ideal choice for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. It can meet the production needs of diversified products of enterprises.
Air source:
Storage tank volume:
Number of filling heads:
Filling form:
Fill enough volume by servo motor or sensor counter to ensure the gear pump rotor circles
Filling temperature:
20℃~60℃ (pipes and seals need to be replaced if the temperature exceeds 60℃)
Filling speed:
Will be different according to different filling volume; 1L: about 1800~2100 bottles/hour; 4L: about 1500 bottles/hour
Equipment size:
Single phase 220V,50/60Hz, 3.5KW
Filling accuracy:
Net weight:600KG; Gross weight:700KG
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    Suitable for filling all kinds of liquid,such as juice, jam, honey, cream, chili sauce, tomato paste, jam, cosmetics etc

    Applicable Industries

    Food, Pharmaceutical, Daily chemical, Agricultural chemicals, Cosmetics and Other Industries




    Customized logo (Min. order 1 sets)
    Customized packaging (Min. order 1 sets)
    Graphic customization (Min. order 1 sets)

    Price terms

    FOB Guangzhou

    Payment terms

    We can accept payment through T/T, FOB, CIF, L/C


    1 year warranty

    Aftersale service

    Free Online Training Services

    Lead time

    45 days after received deposit and can sample

    Packaging Details

    Outside package:standard export wooden case;Inner package:stretch film


    ● This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control panel, convenient to adjust;

    ● Each filling head equip 1 gear pump,and 1 servo motor to count the gear motor rotor circle to ensure the filling accuracy;

    ● Photoelectric sensor, approximate switch and other electric elements are the international famous brand. No container no filling. The main host can trigger the alarm if there is any container blocked.

    ● Submerged filling makes it possible to reduce form. It is suitable for various kinds of filling products.

    ● The whole machine meets GMP standard. It is easy to disassemble clean and maintain, and the parts which contact with the filling products are made of high quality stainless steel. The whole machine is safe, environmental, sanitary, adapts to various kinds of working places;

    ● Main materials:304# Stainless steel. Filling nozzles:304# Stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and meets GMP production requirements;

    ● Equipped with no bottle and no filling function, the liquid level automatically controls the feeding, effectively reducing equipment failure.


    It is equipped with the function of filling without bottles, and the liquid level of the storage hopper automatically controls feeding;

    Material of liquid contact parts such as material trough: 304 # stainless steel and food-grade PVC;

    The filling nozzle is made of stainless steel 304, which is corrosion resistant and complies with GMP production requirements;

    The plug sealing ring is a 0-type ring (can be filled at 80 ℃ high temperature). The service life of the sealing ring is about half a year, and the sealing ring is replaced every half a year;

    The material tank contains the liquid shortage alarm function of the storage tank. When the material reaches the lowest point of the liquid level, the feeding pump will be started for feeding, and when the material reaches the highest point of the liquid level, the feeding pump will be closed for pumping,

    Effectively reduce equipment failure;

    The equipment has strong compatibility and can quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications without replacing parts, which can meet the production requirements of multiple varieties and specifications;

     The filling nozzle is equipped with a drip prevention device to ensure that there is no wire drawing and no drip during filling.


    10 (4)
    10 (4)
    2022年6月17日-和晖-4头液体灌装机 (2)
    2022年6月17日-和晖-4头液体灌装机 (2)


    It is widely applicable. Almost all liquid that can flow can be filled, especially for oil, detergent, acid-base liquid and highly corrosive liquid.

    This machine can be used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide cosmetics and other industries.

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    It is applicable to the filling of various liquids, pastes and sauces, such as honey, chili sauce, tomato sauce, pearl milk tea, orange juice and other materials, with strong versatility; According to customer requirements, mixing and heating insulation functions can be customized and added;

    (plc) Compact automatic control function mechanism, long service life of parts, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable, low noise, simple operation, accurate and convenient measurement and adjustment;

    The adjustment of filling volume and filling speed is convenient, fast and simple.

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