Automatic rubbing labeling machine 1
Automatic rubbing labeling machine 2
Automatic rubbing labeling machine 3
Automatic rubbing labeling machine 1
Automatic rubbing labeling machine 2
Automatic rubbing labeling machine 3

Automatic rubbing labeling machine

Wide application range, can meet the full-circle labeling or semi-circle labeling of round bottles,easy to switch labeling between bottles, easy to adjust
Applicable power supply:
Labeling speed:
30~120 bottles/minute (related to product size);
Label accuracy:
Packaging Type:
Round Bottles/Jars/Cans
Applicable product size:
20mm110mm, height 30-350mm;
Applicable label scope:
Length: 10mm~300mm, width (backing paper width): 10mm~150mm;
The net weight is about 185KG, and the gross weight is about 225KG;
 About 2m*1.5m*1.4m, the size after packing is about (length*width*height) 2.12m*1.09m*1.46m*;
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    Suitable for labeling of all kinds of round bottles,Jars and cans.

    Applicable Industries

    Food, Pharmaceutical, Daily chemical, Agricultural chemicals, Cosmetics and Other industries




    Customized logo(Min. order 3 sets)
    Customized packaging(Min. order 3 sets)
    Graphic customization(Min. order 3 sets)

    Price terms

    FOB Guangzhou

    Payment terms

    We can accept payment through T/T, FOB, CIF, L/C


    1 year warranty

    Aftersale service

    Free Online Training Services

    Lead time

    45 days after received deposit and can sample

    Packaging Details

    Outside package:standard export wooden case;Inner package:stretch film




    ●  Wide application range, can meet the full-circle labeling or semi-circle labeling of round bottles, easy to switch labeling between bottles, easy to adjust;

    ● The label has a high degree of coincidence. The label is bypassed by a rectifying mechanism. The label is not deflected. The labeling position is x/y/z and the inclination is adjustable. The total of eight degrees of freedom is adjustable.

    ● Excellent labeling quality, adopting elastic pressure-coated belt, flat labeling, no wrinkles, and improve packaging quality;

    ● Flexible application, bottle standing labeling, automatic bottle splitting function, can be produced in a single machine, or can be connected to the production line;

    ● Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no material and no labeling, no automatic calibration and automatic label detection to prevent leakage and label waste;

    ● High stability, Panasonic PLC + Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye + German labor test label electric eye composed of advanced electronic control system, support equipment 7 × 24 hours of operation;

    ● Simple adjustment, labeling speed, conveying speed and bottle dividing speed can realize stepless speed regulation and adjust according to need;

    ● Rugged and durable, adopting three-bar adjustment mechanism to make full use of the stability of the triangle, the whole machine is solid and durable. Made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, in line with GMP.



    ● It is suitable for production round shape for single,double or located labeling.It can be adjusted for cone-shaped products.It can be used individually or attached to assemble line.It is widely used with beer bottle ,beverage bottle, shampoo and cleaning oil etc.

    ● Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

    ● Intelligent control ,automatic photo electric tracking with labeling,no objects no labeling.

    ● Good labeling performance,label is flat with wrinkle.

    ● Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor ,which can directly inline with filling machine .

    ● Easy adjustment,labeling speed and conveying speed and bottle allocation speed can be adjusted.




    Automatic rubbing labeling machine 4
    Automatic rubbing labeling machine 5


    Automatic rubbing labeling machine 6
    Automatic rubbing labeling machine 7




    ● It is suitable for labeling various round size cans such as tinplate cans, iron cans, plastic cans, aluminum cans, paper cans, etc.;

    ● This machine can be used in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide cosmetics and other industries.

    Automatic rubbing labeling machine 8


    ● The overall appearance material is mainly made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy;

    ● A wider range of application, can meet the full circumference of the round bottle labeling or half circumference labeling, double-sided labeling, through simple customization, can also be affixed with tapered bottles.

    ● The labeling quality is excellent, using soft rubber wheel to cover the labeling, labeling smooth, no fold;

    ● Servo motor control label traction, labeling accuracy, efficiency and strength control is more intelligent and stable, with high speed and low speed smooth operation, strong overload resistance, fast response speed, and low noise etc.

    ● It adopts intelligent program design and touch screen control, which is convenient and simple to use and set.

    ● The scope of application is wider, and it can meet the single labeling of round bottles or polygonal bottles; the labeling quality is excellent, and the labeling belt with high elasticity is adopted, and the labeling is smooth and wrinkle-free; intelligent control, with the intelligent function of no labeling , good stability. Using diamond traction mechanism, the labeling effect is more accurate;

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