Can Seaming Machine
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Can Seaming Machine

1. Sealing speed up to 50cans/min,it is popular design for our clients  as its middle sealing speed and resonable price. 

2. Very stable sealing performance and sealing result.

3. Seaming rollers are made of chrome steel ,long working life.

4. Can body non rotary design , can protect your product perfectly.

5. Suitable for various of round tin cans, aluminum cans,

 paper cans and PET cans,it is an ideal equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceut.

6. CE approved

7. PLC intelligent control system design 

Factory Price Can Seamer machine for Fruit Food Canning Machine/Tuna Aluminum Can Sealing Machine
It is applicable for sealing of various round cans, such as tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans, PET cans and so on. Ten years of experience in can seamers manufacturing, stable running of the machine, good sealing effect.
Full automatic medium speed can sealer (130E)
XTIME's full-automatic medium speed can sealing machine 130E. It can meet the sealed packaging of different types of bottles/cans. The source factory supports online shopping and real-time inquiry. With the help of XTIME, we will provide professional opinions and suggestions according to your products, and the professional team will efficiently build a stable and affordable can sealer that meets the production requirements.
Full automatic high-speed can sealer (130G)
XTIME is a high-quality source manufacturer focusing on improving the efficiency of jar/bottle sealing packaging. We have more than 20 years of experience in packaging machinery research and development, production and customer maintenance in this field. Whether it is iron cans, plastic bottles, aluminum cans or paper cans, we will equip professional business managers, experienced designers and engineers to meet your sealing equipment needs.
Fully automatic servo seamer 130B
Fully automatic servo seamer 130B produced by XTIME. Able to meet the airtight packaging of different types of bottles/jars. With the help of XTIME, professional opinions and suggestions are provided according to your products, and the professional team efficiently builds a stable and affordable can seamer that meets production requirements.
Semi-Automatic Can Seamer 130C
Semi-automatic can seamer manufactured by Xtime Packaging. Easily seal different types of jars. Find more types of seamers at Xtime.
Induction cap sealer /Induction foil sealing machine
Features : Knob adjustment, button switch, easy to operate; Overcurrent and overvoltage auto protection, safe and reliable; It is easy to use hand wheel lifting and lifting; Fast sealing speed, stable performance.
Vacuum,nitrogen charging and sealing all in one machine
1.Vacuum , nitrogen charging and sealing all in one , save space .  2. Stainless steel  3.The main electric elements adopt mitsubishi PLC,frequency converter and the proximity switch,Germany's Siemens analogy output electromagnetic valve and magnetic valve of South Korea. 
CE approved Semi-automatic can body non-rotary can sealing machine
1.Seaming rollers are made of stainless steel 304# with high hardness, rust-proof and excellent sealing performance. 2.Can body non rotary when seaming ,suitable for liquid and other material easy to fall out or broken .  3. All electrical components adopt well-known high-end parts which have stable and reliable performance. 4. Suitable to seal various round tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and PET cans,  it is an ideal equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Powder Food Canning Machine
1. Applicable for sealing of various tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and all kind of round cans.  2. Quality is reliable, simple operation and lighter, is the food, drinks, tea and other industries essential ideal equipment.Details of tin can sealing machine: 3. Metal can capping machine provides customization according to customer's product.
High Speed Single Diameter Can Sealing Machine
1)Tin cover spreading device,only when the tin body get into, the tin cover come down to match. If no tin body get into, then no tin cover come down. 2)Reasonable and simple operation panel design,PLC microcomputer control and toch screen human-computer interface. 3)Sealed reels are made of chrome steel ,high hardness, excellent wearability,never rusty and  excellent sealing performance. 4)Production speed can be adjusted according your needs.    Feature descrition : 1)Umanned operation, totally automatic place cover and sealed. It will become the main trend of machine, as the labor cost is increasing.  2)The can is designed as not rotating during the sealing process. It requires high processing precision. Its sealing quality is superior to that of similar products in China.  3)Its production efficiency is three to four times than semi-auto
High speed automatic can seamer machine
Features: This machine is applicable for sealing of various tin cans,aluminum cans,paper cans and all kinds of round cans.It is simple in operation and it is an ideal packing equipment of food,beverage,pharmaceutical and the other industry.
Manual Can Sealing Machine
1. Sealed reel is made of stainless steel 304# with high hardness, rust-proofing and excellent sealing performance. 2. Manual combining with motor operation. Sealing will be completed by cooperation of pedal and levelling. 3. Easily wearout parts adopt high strength stainless steel or heat quenching treated carbon steel which are durable and require lower maintenance cost. 4. The can will rotate during sealing process. The design is simple and reasonable. The operation is simple. 5. Applicable for sealing of various tin cans, plastic cans, paper cans and all kinds of round cans. It is an ideal sealing equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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Can Seaming Machine
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Can sealing machine is a device that is used to seal different types of cans or containers. It is commonly used in the food and beverage industry to seal cans of soda, beer, and other beverages, as well as canned food products such as fruits, vegetables, soups, and sauces. The can sealing machine works by applying pressure to the lid of the can, sealing it tightly to avoid spillage or contamination of the product inside. There are different types of can sealing machines, including semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, each designed for specific sealing requirements.
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