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1. Could you give me the CIF price of can seamer machine (bangkok port) for plastic PET can?

2. Hi, I’m looking for a machine that can seam/crimp two halves together uniformly. The thickness of the carbon steel that will bend to create the seam is .0105” or .2667 mm. It is not a typical canning operation, but similar concept. The excess lip of one half will fold over the second half to create a seal. 

3. Dear sir kindly send me offer quotation for filler and seamer machine fully automatic capacity : from 80 : 100 can/ min Diameter : 99mm- 127mm -153 mm product : GHEE vegetables- anmile power : 380 v * 3 ph Best regards 

4. Model: XT-FGJ100D we need 1 unit use for paper can , powder milk 

5. I need a filling and sealing solution for carft beer canning.

6. Urgent requirement of Semi-automatic can body rotary can sealing machine. Please send quotation and working video of machine. How much days will it take to deliver in India. We wish to seal hard cardboard seal. 

7. I want to know the cost of the Composite scale Single diameter sealing machine labeling ink-jet printer, the shipping cost and also will the maintenance assistant 

8. I want to know more about the fully automatic large tin can seamer and its price my country is india 

9. Hello, I'm interested for glass bottle Ampoule labeling machine with the bellow spec: * bottle diameter 11mm ~ 30mm * required speed 150~ 200 bottle/min * CO2 laser marker for coding and error detection * label presence detection * self adhesive label Awaiting your feedback.

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