Different types of can sealing machines


Can sealing machine is easier for people to operate, especially in developed countries. Can sealing machines have been widely developed and applied in industrialized countries which improved the working efficiency and saved manpower. 

In the market, there are different cans, such as metal cans, paper cans, aluminum cans, tank and so on. Due to different covers, there are also pop cans, tin cans. According to shape, there are round cans, square cans.

Depending on the type of cover, there are general can sealing machine, square can sealing machine. 

With higher demand of shelf-life requirements in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries, vacuum can sealing machine, vacuum nitrogen sealing machines was developed.

According to automation, can sealing machine can also be divided into semi-automatic can sealing machine, full-automatic can sealing machine.

vacuum can sealing machine

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