Factory Price Manual Can Seaming Machine


This manual can seaming machine is XT-FG100S model which is made of carbon steel. Its seaming speed can be 

8-20pcs/min. The height is 35-200mm, we can also custom the height according to clients' requirement. Its weight 

is about 90kg.This can seaming machine is suitable for all kinds of tin cans,aluminum cans, plastic containers, paper

cans and other cans which is the ideal equipment necessary food and beverage industry.

Factory Price Manual Can Seaming Machine 1

Feature description of manual can seaming machine:

1. Sealed reel is made of stainless steel 304# with high hardness, rust-proofing and excellent sealing performance.

2. Manual combining with motor operation. Sealing will be completed by cooperation of pedal and levelling.

3. The can will rotate during sealing process. The design is simple and reasonable. The operation is simple.

4. Easily wearrout parts adopt high strength stainless steel or heat quenching treated carbon steel which are 

durable and require lower maintenance cost.

5. Applicable for sealing of various tin cans, plastic cans, paper cans and all kinds of round cans. It is an ideal can 

seaming machine of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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