Screw Capping Machine

1. This machine combines self-notion,setting cap,putting cap and screw cap to one with fast speed,high efficiency to steadily and reliably operate.

2. Use advanced sensing element to ensure stop sending cap in case of no bottle,automatic stopping machine and alarming when cap getting stuck and lack of cap so as to ensure the reliability of automatic putting cap.

3. Changing bottles and caps of different specification is just easy regulation and convenient operation.

4. Use the world famous brand electric appliances and pneumatic elements with low failure rate,steady and reliable performance and long service life.

5. This machine can be suitable for food,pharmacy,daily use chemical,pesticide cosmetic and other industries.

Snap Capper Machine

1.This machine can finish capping automatically,can save labor cost .

2.Simple design ,easy to operate. 

3.Suitable for tin can , paper can , PET can and other round cans  

Customizing Your Capping Machines

We manufacture the most efficient can sealing machine as per the industry requirements at present. We have a specialization in this sector and upgrade our resources to meet expectations of our clients every time. We have qualified personnel to design and manufacture high-class can sealer at the lowest possible price. We never make any compromise on the overall quality of the packing equipment. Thus, we succeed and have happy clients worldwide. We provide you a wide range of options to choose the right equipment as per your industry’s requirements.

The most outstanding features of affordable can sealer from our company make our clients happier than ever. Our clients recommend our packaging equipments like

● Plastic Bottle Cap Lining Machine

● Semi-Automatic Can Body Rotary Sealing Machine

● Semi-Automatic Can Body Non-Rotary Sealing Machine

Attention-grabbing designs of these can sealing machines are available now at the cheapest possible prices. We describe about the features and functions of these equipments and assist you to invest in the right equipment easily. We ensure about the overall efficiency and safety aspects of these equipments. We are happy to provide more than a few choices in this category of packaging equipments.

You may have doubts about any aspect of ourcan sealing machines. You can feel free to contact us online and make clear your doubts almost immediately. Friendly personnel in the customer support team online provide the prompt support and crystal clear details about our can sealing machine on the whole. 

How to maintain the capping machine?
Care the equipment by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and other general methods to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of the equipment.
Basic requirements: clean, tidy, well lubricated and safe.
Basic contents: daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and accuracy inspection.
Third level maintenance of equipment: daily maintenance, first level maintenance and second level maintenance.
Daily maintenance: the operator is responsible for the daily maintenance of the equipment, and the operator carefully checks before and after the shift. Wipe all parts of the equipment or inject oil for maintenance, and keep the equipment lubricated and clean. In case of equipment failure during the shift, it shall be eliminated in time and the shift handover record shall be carefully made.
First level maintenance: local disassembly, inspection and cleaning of equipment; Dredge the oil circuit and replace unqualified seals; Adjust the fitting clearance of all parts of the equipment, fasten all parts of the equipment, and the electrical part is in the charge of the maintenance electrician.
Second level maintenance: scrub the equipment, adjust the accuracy, disassemble, inspect, replace and repair a small number of vulnerable parts, clean and replace the lubricating system, inspect and repair the electrical control system, and adjust and fasten it.
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Capping Machines

Fantastic Features of Food Packaging Machines

We have the most successful records and satisfied clients worldwide because the ultra modern food packaging machines manufactured by our professional team. Every food packaging machine manufactured by a team of experts in our company does not fail to comply with the industrial applications. This is because we design and manufacture these machines after we analyze the current requirements in the industry.

Every business owner has different expectations about the business development. We are here to provide the world-class food packaging machines at the most competitive prices. We listen to the requirements of customers and support them to buy the best suitable food packaging equipment.

Our team of dedicated designers and manufacturers of food packaging equipments never makes any compromise in the design and the manufacturing aspect of equipments. This is the foremost reason for how our packaging equipments meet international standards in every aspect on a regular basis. 

We have a specialization to manufacture many food packaging machines like  

- Automatic Powder Filling Machine 

- Measuring Cup-Type Quantitative Packing Machine 

- 2 Heads Linear Weigher 

- 4 Heads Linear Weigher 

- Automatic Double-head Auger Filling Machine,

Also,We reveal features of our packaging equipments along with their images. Every feature of our packaging equipments is rich in quality beyond doubt. We use advanced resources and the most successful technologies as efficiently as possible.  

We keep focusing on how to manufacture the most outstanding quality of every food packaging machine nowadays.   This is because we understand the role of a food packaging machine behind the overall efficiency of our clients’ businesses. 

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