German Soft Candy Bottling Filling Packaging line


The customers background introduction

Customers do best-selling products at home and abroad, have high requirements for equipment, The weight of the error value to be strictly controlled within the scope, and need to be accompanied by metal testing, to ensure food safety. All circuits must meet international standards, eliminate hidden small security risks, all equipment security to an excellent level.


Our technical engineers provide design drawings to customer

German Soft Candy Bottling Filling Packaging line 1
Plant plan display
German Soft Candy Bottling Filling Packaging line 2
Production line design plan
German Soft Candy Bottling Filling Packaging line 3
Three dimensional drawing of production line design


The customer workshop space is very large, may use the linear cycloid method, discovered the fault in time, guaranteed the production line normal running. The customer is a dietary supplement company, for food safety, they decided increase the metal detection function to ensure that no harmful metal fall. The soft candy has stickiness, so the combination scale and the material connecting device use the pattern version Teflon material, has the very good anti-stickiness effect, guarantees the soft candy to be smooth in the blanking, the combination scale second weighing, the weight precision is more accurate.


Production process

After receiving the can lip from the customer, give it to the production department for production planning, planning production time, arranging design, accessories processing, mold making, frame welding, etc. . Each department is responsible for the installation and commissioning of their own equipment step by step, after-sales colleagues are responsible for all the stand-alone combination of cycloid, according to the actual location of the customer plant equipment, debugging and modification, simulation of customer workshop normal production, if it is overseas customers can arrange third-party acceptance or video acceptance, technical staff receive comments to modify,completed all processes and customer acceptance so we can  packaging delivery.


Installation process

Equipment in our XTIME has been simulated customer factory site, including power, gas, location, and each equipment marked with the number and name, customers can clearly identify the equipment. We will provide on-line guidance service, and in advance of the need to change the mold video, and provide equipment specifications that included how to operate and may encounter problems have a detailed answer.Also we will set up a project team,provided 1 to 1 service,if have any questions can be the first time with the project team communication, and our sales manager and after-sales team 24 hours on-line.

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