Hot Sale Types of Can Sealing Machine in December 2018




When you are searching for the Can Sealing Machine on the internet,

you may find that there are a lot of different types of Can Sealing Machines

for you to choose from. As the rapid development of the technology in this

field, the Can Sealing Machine was designed with good materials, such as

stainless steel materials. What is more, the functions are also provided to be more

efficient than ever. Generally speaking, there are four types of Can Sealing

Machines which are selling best in December 2018. You can compare one with the

others and choose the most suitable one.



1.      Hot sale CE

approvedSingle-diameter fully-automatic can sealing machine for tin



With sealing speed up to 30 cans/min, this

kind of Can Sealing Machine has the most popular design for the clients as its

middle sealing speed and reasonable price. It is suitable for varied of round

tin cans, aluminum cans, PET cans and so on. Because the seaming rollers are

made of chrome steel and can body is designed with non rotary, it can

performance very stably and protect your products perfectly. Not only it can

give a good sealing result, but also can work for a longer life.

 can sealing machine


2.      Semi-automatic

can body rotary can sealing machine with customer quality rating is over



This kind of Can Sealing Machine is loved

by the clients for its seaming rollers are made of stainless steel 304 which provides

the advantages of high hardness, rust-proof and excellent sealing performance.

The left and right seaming rollers are simple and reasonable in structure which

is easy and convenient to adjust. It is suitable for varied of round tin cans,

aluminum cans, paper cans and PET cans.

 can sealing machine


3.      CE approved

Semi-automatic can body non-rotary can sealing machine


This kind of Can Sealing Machine had the

same material as the Semi-automatic can body rotary can sealing machine.

The difference is that the can body won’t rotary when it is sealing, and it is

specially suitable for liquid and other material easy to fall out or broken. It

is also suitable to seal various round tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans

and PET cans,

can sealing machine 


4.      Manual cansealing machine


With the sealed reel made of stainless

steel 304, this kind of Can Sealing Machine is more specialized by its manual

combining with motor operation. The sealing is completed by cooperation of

pedal and leveling. The design and operation is easy, simple and reasonable. It

is also applicable for sealing various tin cans, plastic cans, paper cans and

all kinds of round cans.

 can sealing machine



Guangzhou XTime Packaging

Equipment Co.,Ltd. has ten years' experience in packaging machinery

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