How to Choose the Most Suitable Powder Filling Packing Machine?


What is a Powder Filling and Packing Machine?


A Powder Filling and Packing Machine refers to a machine that can complete the total or partial products and commodity powder packing process, which mainly includes automatic filling, bag forming, sealing, coding, cleaning, stacking, disassembling, metering, and stamping at packing products. The advantages of a powder filling and packing machine are that it can improve production rate, alleviate labor intensity, and meet large-scale production and sanitary demand.


How to choose the most suitable Powder Filling Packing Machine?


1. Firstly, we should confirm what products we will do filling and packing for.

2. High-cost performance is the first principle.

3. Try to choose a long-history filling and packing brand factory, such as XtTIME PACKAGING, which has high quality guarantee.

4. If you plan to visit a factory, pay more attention to the whole machine, especially the machine detail. Machine quality always depends on detail, and it's better to do a machine test with real sample products.

5. About after-sales service, you should choose a superior after-sales service machine factory, especially for food production enterprises.

6. Do some research on what packing machines other factories are using, as it may be a good suggestion.

7. Try to choose a machine with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, and a fully automatic dosing system with continuous production, that can improve the packing rate and decrease labor costs for the long-term development of enterprises.


The daily maintenance process for a packing machine requests cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication, and corrosion protection processes. During the daily production process, machine maintenance operators should follow the machine maintenance manual and regulations, process each maintenance work according to the maintenance period, decrease the wear rate of spare parts, avoid possible failure, and prolong the service life of the machine. The packing machine maintenance process includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, and special maintenance. Regular maintenance includes first-grade, second-grade, and third-grade, and special maintenance includes seasonal maintenance and maintenance stopping.


Maintenance Specification Process of Powder Filling Packing Machine?


The following points are an introduction to the maintenance specification process and matters that need attention. 

Packing machine daily maintenance mainly involves cleaning, lubrication, testing, and fastening, and during and after packing, daily maintenance should be processed as required.

· First Grade is processed based on daily maintenance. Mainly, the process includes lubrication, fastening, testing related parts, and cleaning processes.

· Second Grade mainly focuses on testing and adjustment. Specific testing includes the motor, clutch, transmission, driving member, Steering, and brake components.

· Third Grade mainly focuses on testing, adjusting, and avoiding possible failure and balancing the wear degree of each part. These parts may cause machine failure, and it's necessary to check and condition tests to complete necessary replacement, adjustment, and possible failure-avoiding processes.


Seasonal maintenance means focusing on the following at the beginning of summer and winter:

· Power system (motor)

· Conveying system (Screw axis and Belt conveyor)

· Air pressure system (testing lubrication and sealing with Air compressor)

· Control system (maintenance of electrical control cabinet, this part should be processed under engineer guidance)


Maintenance stopping means the machine should not be used for a period of time with seasonal factors, such as winter. During this time, people should do cleaning, arrangement, complement, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion processes.


Using an Xtime Powder Filling Machine can improve production rate, alleviate labor intensity, and meet large-scale production and sanitary demand. So, have you learned how to choose a powder-packing machine?


FAQ About Powder Filling Packaging Machine


1. What is the required hourly processing capacity of the Powder Filling Packaging Machine?

The hourly output of the machine varies from 1-10+ tonnes. Slow/normal speed machines have a capacity of 1-5 tonnes per hour and are suitable for small to medium batches. High-speed machines can produce up to 10+ tonnes per hour and are ideal for larger plants with high demand. Evaluate your exact filling needs - the number of products per hour - to determine the appropriate machine class.


2. What types of powder products need to be packed in a powder filling and packaging machine? 

Powder products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, etc.) and their characteristics to verify compatibility with different packaging materials, methods, and formats (e.g. pouches, bottles, boxes, etc.). This will help determine a machine that supports the exact product and packaging combination. 


3. Do I need a manual or fully automatic powder filling and packaging machine?

Manual machines with semi-automatic operation are moderately priced and are especially suitable for start-ups and small businesses with lower budgets. However, for larger producers, a fully automated packaging line that combines feeding, filling, sealing, and coding can provide higher throughput. Determine production size and budget.


4. What level of automation is required for a powder filling and packaging machine?

Basic single-function fillers require manual loading/unloading. Semi-automatic models offer limited automation. Fully automated machines integrate various operations into a synchronized line for maximum efficiency and consistency. Please select the appropriate level for your process automation needs.


5. What packaging materials will be used in the Powder Fill Packaging Machine?

Confirm compatibility with materials such as plastic film, foil pouches, glass bottles, etc., as some machines only support specific material types. Incompatibility can reduce efficiency or lead to product/packaging defects.


6. How complex is the packaging design of a powder-filling packaging machine?

Simple designs are available for basic machines, while advanced modular machines can be formatted with multiple layers, special shapes and customized designs/graphics as per industry/regulatory requirements.


7. What are the environmental conditions for the production of powder filling and packaging machines

Plant infrastructure such as power configuration, space availability, temperature/humidity control, etc. should be in line with the machine requirements for smooth operation without compromising on throughput/safety.


8. What is the approximate budget for Powder powder-filling Packaging Machine?

Prices vary depending on the local versus international brands procured, machine specifications, level of automation, after-sales service, etc. A flexible but realistic budget is determined after thorough research.

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