Milk Powder Filling Machine

Milk powder is the main food product for infants and young children. Therefore, in addition to controlling the source of milk, whether the product safety standards during production can be strictly implemented is also very important. Then an intelligent and automated milk powder filling line becomes an ideal choice for enterprises. High-quality milk powder processing technology can better ensure the freshness and nutritional content of milk powder, so as to provide and guarantee comprehensive health and nutrition for babies.

XTIME supplies powder filling and packaging equipment worldwide, where you can purchase packaging equipment that meets your needs, optimize your production line, and ensure the production quality of your products.

We can provide you with a complete milk powder filling line solution, through an automatic bottle unscrambler + linear ultraviolet sterilization channel + screw feeder + automatic double-head powder filling machine + automatic high-speed sealing machine + automatic laser Coding machine + automatic bottle collector. The whole line can automate the packaging processes of sterilization, quantitative filling, sealing, and date coding. Production automation is high, and different configurations of fully automatic equipment can be selected for assembly according to needs. Contact us now to professionally customize milk powder can packaging equipment for your products.


Automatic powder auger filling machine for milk powder


1. Applicable for sealing of various tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and all kind of round cans.  2. Quality is reliable, simple operation and lighter, is the food, drinks, tea and other industries essential ideal equipment.

3. Metal can capping machine provides customization according to customer's product.

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