New technology of automatic rotary can sealing machine


In recent years, new style can sealing machine has been greatly developed. The new can sealing machine is smarter, faster and more efficient while working. The new automataic rotary can sealing machine is used for glass bottle which adopts electromagnetic devices on the hub to adjust the force automatically, tighten or loosen the cap. 

In addition, automatic can sealing machine overcomes the disadvantage

that can not be accurately controlled while working. Working parameters can be changed easily according to different requirements of can diameters. With vacuum system, it is capable of vacuum suction and no longer with the exhaust box. 

When high level product packaging is needed, diversified requirements will be the hottest topic such as a beverage filling line, automatic sealing machine that controlled by the microcomputer, filling and capping combination. Ten years' experience in packaging machinery research & development, Guangzhou XTime Packaging Equipment Co.Ltd can provide you with professional engineering design to meet your different demands. You are welcome to contact us! 


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