Drug filling production line solution

The Current Situation Of The Industry
With the development of society and the improvement of people's requirement for physical fitness and health, health care products and medical equipment have been widely used in many fields. So accurate weighing and counting of the packaging machine to maintain product consistency and accuracy is very important.

In recent years, due to the decline in the proportion of the labor force and the rising wages of workers, the indirect increase in production costs, to a certain extent, has affected the economic benefits of enterprises. As a result, there is a growing need to meet the needs of devices such as drug filling machines that have intelligent weighing and meet food safety safety standards.
What are the common problems of customers in the industry?
●  Manual filling metering and weighing speed and efficiency is slow.
 Manual filling metering is easy to make mistakes, the requirements workers are high.
●  Manual filling is difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection food safety, it is very difficult to ensure the health. 
●  Recruitment difficulties, staff management this high.
 Granule filling finished product handling and other problems lead to low production efficiency.
●  The original equipment can not adapt to new products, including the replacement of different drugs filling, different bottles and other needs.
●  Filling, packaging post separation, need more workstations.

what can we do for you?

With more than 12 years of design, manufacturing, service experience, XTIME can develop excellent intelligent overall solution for each customer, from the design, selection, production, installation, debugging, after-sales service, perfect one-stop service, the real realization of the turnkey program cooperation. 

With high-performance, high-quality automated intelligent devices, enterprises can save a lot of manpower, enhance the efficiency of each unit:

●  Can achieve the accuracy of grain for the unit, high accuracy, saving labor.
  Filling particles automatic positioning, rotation, lifting, filling, weighing, the whole line to achieve automated production.
●  No need for workers to contact granule filling, reduce the error rate.
  With mechanical fault alarm function, which is conducive to equipment fault pre-diagnosis, pre-maintenance. 
●  Can be adapted to the combination of multiple machines into a packaging production line, high degree of automation.
●  Filling, packaging integration, reduce job demand, reduce management costs.
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Suitable for various industrial product Filling production equipment

Guangdong XTIME Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in production and sale of various can and bottle packaging system. We are integrated with research,design, production and sale as one .Our products are sold well all over the world mainly for the packages of food, beverage,medical and chemical industries etc. 
Automatic Alcohol Liquid Filling Machine
Features: The machine is suitable for filling all kind of liquid,thick liquids(high vicosity) such as alcohol,oil,milk,shampoo,lotion,salading dressing,chili sauce,etc.
Full-automatic quantitative packing production line for granule
1.4 heads linear weigher + full automatic can seaming machine  2.For sugar , salt,rice,bean,seed ,seasoning,washing powder,feed,desiccant etc. 
Composite scale Single diameter sealing machine labelling ink-jet printer
1.Complete feeding, weighing, packaging, capping, sealing, labeling and printing automatically. 2.Can select automatic equipment with different configurations for assembly according to different requirements.  3.Induction control unit or module adopts international or domestic famous brands with stable, reliable performance and extremely low failure rate. Applicable for sealing and back covering of various plastic pop cans, paper cans and iron cans. It is simple in operation, and it is an ideal equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Automatic flat labeling machine
1.Wide applicable range. It is applicable to flat labeling and adhesive sticker film for products with a width of 30mm~350mm. Uneven surface labeling can be realized by replacing of marking machine.  2.High labeling precision, the unique design can ensure no offset will occur during label drawing process. 3.Sturdy and durable. Three rod adjustment mechanism is to be adjusted. The complete machine will be solid and durable. 4.High stability. The electronic control system adopts products of international or domestic well-known brands. 5.Simple adjustment. 6-degree of freedom is designed for adjustable seat. Conversion between different products will become simple and time-saving. 
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Layout case of industrial filling production line

Our products are sold well all over the world mainly for the packages of food, beverage,medical and chemical industries etc. Our factory Located in Guangzhou City, a core city in the South China, with convenient transportation access. 
German Soft Candy Bottling Filling Packaging line
Customers do best-selling products at home and abroad,havehigh requirements for equipment, The weight of the error value to be strictly controlled within the scope, and need to be accompanied by metal testing, to ensure food safety. All circuits must meet international standards, eliminate hidden small security risks, all equipment security to an excellent level.
Indonesia Baking Oil Filling machine
The customer material has the particularity, under the normal temperature is the solid state, reaches the certain temperature is the liquid state, sothisautomatic packing equipmentmust solve the hot filling question,andall contact materials needmade of edible grade 316, heat-resistant and heat-resistant.
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Guangdong XTIME Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in production and sale of various can and bottle packaging system.
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