Provide the Most Efficient and Premium Can Sealing Machine


Established in September 2007, Guangzhou XTime Packaging

Equipment Co. Ltd. Formerly known as Guangzhou city suburban Conghua Xing Li Machinery Plant, is now a joint-stock enterprise,

specialized in manufacture and sales various packing equipments for

quantificational filling, sealing and labeling. We use good quality stainless

steel material to manufacture the best in class products and provide a wide

range of packaging equipments for you to choose the appropriate equipment

according to your industry’s requirements.


We provide the most efficient and premium can

sealing machine as per the industry requirements at present. We are good at

this field and always upgrade our resources to meet expectations of our

clients. We have professional and responsible personnel to design and

manufacture high-class can sealer at the lowest possible price. And we never

make any compromise on the overall quality. Thus, we become the successful

packing equipment provider and have satisfied clients worldwide. The most

outstanding features of our affordable can sealing machine makes our clients

happier than ever.


If you want to know more about our can sealing

machine or other packaging equipments, please feel free to contact us. Friendly

personnel in the customer service team online will provide the prompt support

and crystal clear details about our equipments on the whole. Our contact

information is:

Tel: +86-13925167953


Provide the Most Efficient and Premium Can Sealing Machine 1Provide the Most Efficient and Premium Can Sealing Machine 2


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Guangdong XTIME Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in production and sale of various can and bottle packaging system.
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