Some of the Clients’ Inquiries of Can Seaming Machine Oct, 2018


Guangzhou XTime Packaging Equipment Co.Ltd.is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in manufacture and sales of

various packing  equipment for quantificational filling, sealing and

labeling. With ten years' experience in packaging machinery research &

development,production and customer care of our founder and team, we can

manufacture attention-grabbing designs of these can seaming machines are available

now at the cheapest possible prices.


The most outstanding features of affordable can

seaming machine from our company make our clients happier than ever. Our

clients recommend our can seaming machine and we got lots of inquiries every

day. Today we would like to share some with you.



Name: Alexander L****

Email: al@L****

Tel: 7706****

Date: 2018-10-31

Message:  I sent an inquirer about your

machine through Alibaba to Wendy.I currently have a machine that does one can

at a time and spins the container and we have to adjust the height and diameter

for our different size containers.Can you send additional information

about your machines. Do you have a video?




Name: Jahed

Email: jhda****@gmail.com

Tel: 8802****

Date: 2018-10-30

Message:  Single-diameter

fully-automatic can seaming machine for tin can FOB price.




Name: Sha****

Email: 7s****@gmail.com

Tel: 8805****

Date: 2018-10-29

Message: Semi-automatic can body rotary can

seaming machine Model: XT-FGJ100A1 Material: Stainless steel Qty of seaming head.

100% Ok. i m sure 1 pcs buying. emergency need. please mail back for





Name: Yu****

Email: Su****@gmail.com

Tel: 41329*****

Date: 2018-10-28

Message: Hi, Can you give me costs for this

equipment. Also send me costs of any other similar products. Thanks




Name: Charles B****

Email: Charles**** @****com

Tel: 7862****

Date: 2018-10-27

Message:  Need to seal rigid cardboard

cans for cheese puffs, Ect.




Name: Michael G****

Email: mike****@l****

Tel: 4386****

Date: 2018-10-26

Message: Hi, I am seeking a quote to buy a

can seamer for beer. Does not need to pressurise cans. between 10-100 cans per

minute.375ml cans




Name: Chris F****

Email: chris****@hotmail.com

Tel: 5165****

Date: 2018-10-25

Message: Price inquiry please.As well are there

any other parts or equipment needed to vacuum seal food ? can size same as

standard tuna fish can.



Are you looking for Can Seaming

Machine at the same time? If you want to know more information, you

can contact us at xtime@gzxtime.com

 can seaming machine

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