Tips for operating can sealing machine well


First, adjust the can sealing machine of different diameter 

Turn off the power switch, loosen the lock nut support plate, the size of the can to move out of adjustment shaft. Remove the upper ram and a lower mold, put the required pressure on the head and lower die. According to the following second, three, diameter and height can be adjusted. 

Second, adjusting the diameter of the can 

Loosen the lock nut under the support plate, the pressure in the wheel does not touch on the head of the premise will be the first pressure roller is adjusted to the pressure head at a distance of about 2mm, the lock nut tight lock to 3 minutes, then pull the handle to come and look at the second round airway pressure to keep the distance between the indenter whether with the first pressure on the wheel and the distance between the indenter, if two press wheels to keep the distance between the head of the relatively large difference, then you should use to adjust the eccentric shaft between the two press wheels to keep the indenter distance.

Third, adjust the height of the can 

Loosen the nut height adjustment lever, the lifting operation lever placed at the rise, put in a can and lid, adjust the height adjustment screw height adjustment just stick to the head cover and then further raised after living about 1-2mm, to the role of tanks and rotary seal lids, and then you can lock nut, then lift the operating handle placed at the decline.

Fourth, the trial closure 

The above two steps can be adjusted after the trial closed, turn on the power switch, into a can and lid, the lift operation handle placed at the rise, then the motor will rotate. Right hand grasp the pinch roller handle successively the first round and the second pressure airway pressure wheel pressure over the upper ram , airway pressure when the second round of the ram pressure over backward to leave approximately 5--10mm, this time to lift the operating handle placed decline, the work is to follow after the end of mold fall into place in order to handle the pressure roller return.

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