Warranty Policies

1. The company implement strict warranty policy for sold out products;

2. We provide one year warranty for damage and failure under normal operation conditions for the product from the date of purchase, The warranty period for commercial use or other freguent uses shall be shortened by half.

Charged repair services shall be provided under any of the following circumstances:

1. Any damage or failure caused by improper operation or maintenance!

2. Any damage or failure due to dismantlement by the user himself;

3. Removal of seals of the body of the unit with authorization:

4. Beyond the warranty period;

5. Purchase receipt or warranty card was altered;

6. No warranty card or certificate of quality;

7. Damage or failure due to use of accessories or parts not produced by this company;

8. Damage or failure due to force majeure (such as earthquake, fire calamity, lightening etc.)

Pictures for reference only, the actual object may vary.

The right of finalinterpretation is held by the manufacturer.